Bienvenidos to Cowlick.

We're a Chicano-owned neighborhood barbershop located in SE Portland, OR. Why Cowlick? It's an ode to my childhood arch nemesis — the tiny tornado of hair that made me despise the barber chair. It took me years to realize my hair wasn't something to hate; it just took the right barber knowing what to do with it. I created Cowlick so people could feel at home in the chair, trusting our barbers' skill and diligence in addressing their specific needs — cowlicks and all — and, in doing so in an atmosphere of warm conversation and a cold beer.

Come hang with us.

For us, the cut is only ever half the equation. It's not just a business transaction and they're not just a number; we're connecting with the folks who walk through our door, acting as their unlicensed therapist, bartender, neighbor, and friend. So, feel free to stop in — take a seat, grab a beer, relax, and stay as long as you want. We're happy to have you.

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